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If you’re looking for a way to restore balance and harmony in your body by reducing tension and stress and improving your circulation, consider paying a visit to Loving Hands Reflexology. Hi my name is Maria Aguilar and I work out of my home in the San Antonio area that is well located, easily accessible and open to all. To book an appointment, get in touch with me online or over the phone.( 210)744-4364.

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As you are probably aware, reflexology is based on the theory that the areas of your foot correspond to specific body systems and organs. I have mastered the technique of applying pressure to the foot in order to bring you both healing and relaxation. The reflexology procedures I provide will give you numerous feel-good benefits and may result in improved blood circulation and general relaxation of body tensions. What sets me apart in customer satisfaction..is the added bonus of using a biomat while in a session. The biomat is an infrared heated pad which also helps promote healing and relaxation. So it's an added feature for free!

Great for all ages.

Reflexology is an incredibly safe therapy and suitable for all including infants...toddlers and yes even teenagers. Reflexology is particularly useful to aid relaxation, inducing better sleep and reduction of minor pains.


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5 Reviews

Katie Schott

08 August 2019

08 August


AMAZING! I had the feet reflexology! I didn't want it to end. So relaxing! Maria is super sweet and professional. I highly recommend her!

Brady Trainer

08 August 2019

08 August


There are not enough positive words to say! This was my first experience with reflexology and I am for sure a repeat client. I had a 30 minute hand treatment an...
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